Saturday, May 15, 2010

80's Day

I remember 50’s day
in the 80’s when we had it all
big hair, big bands, metal ballads and parachute pants.
Cable television, just over the horizon

We were unique, never changing like Magnum P.I.
Don Johnson and Bo Derek were never growing old
Whitesnake, Van Halen, and Michael before he was weird and still cool.
Eight tracks and records died to cassette tapes.

Reagan was going to save us all
While the Terminator reminded us, we were doomed
We were in awe by DOS and stunned by Windows
Computers were innovative, while we typed on typewriters

Now they have an 80’s day
Where’s the beef, Like a Virgin, and headbands
It’s all retro now with spandex and leg warmers.
Foreign to a generation who never saw the music on MTV.



  1. I absolutely love this written work. I love how you give detail to the changing times and how you know them. It is crazy how different we see things back then and how they are now. Who would of thought mtv would stop showcasing music. lol
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